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ARMO-AVTO has been producing armoured steel sheets and armoured structures for over 15 years.

We have our own in-house thermo-hardening metallurgical complex to produce armoured steel sheets in width 2 through 12 mm as well as our own research and development elaborations, which allow for production of facilities for physical protection of the staff against small arms bullets and striking elements of explosive devices of various capacity. We offer our customers both armoured steel sheets and various permanently installed protective constructions (security control towers, safety boxes, protective structures like ‘turrets’ and ‘trenches’). We also offer armour plating according to 3 and 5 bulletproof performance classes (GOST R 51112-97) and customer-tailored options of all the above articles according to any bulletproof performance class in consistence with additional customer’s requirements to installation of the supplementary special equipment and comfort systems (heating, ventilation systems, air conditioning, WC facilities, recreational facilities, dining rooms, etc.).

Armoured Guard Cabins

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Armoured Vehicles

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Manufacture of Armour Plate

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Armoured Turrets

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Equipment for Shooting Ranges

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We offer our customers armoured steel sheets in width 2 through 12 mm, armoured doors, bulletproof windows, shutters, cash operating units, cabins, armoured turrets, security barriers of operating areas, weapon storage rooms, hard armour plates for bulletproof vests. We also fit out shooting ranges as required according to all the applicable standards of safe operation.