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About us

ARMO, LLC offers a full package of services for physical protection of the staff, engaged in the activity implying life and health hazard, against small arms bullets, blast wave, and striking elements of explosive devices. The company offers all legal entities concerned both armoured vehicles and permanently installed protective constructions (security posts, safety boxes, security control towers, etc.) The company offers an essential competitive advantage as all the range of the manufactured products is based on our own production of hardened hot-rolled high-strength structural steel sheets and plates. Bulletproof armour plates, depending on the width applied, guarantee protection against bullets of various types of small arms and against effects of explosive devices of variable charge in compliance with the existing regulatory documents in this area. The extensive experience of the engineers and the expertise of the production workers of the company allows for the successful solution of the most complicated requests of customers at all stages, starting from design studies to the supply and assembly of finished  protective structures and constructions.


Order Armour Plating at ARMO

We offer our customers armoured steel sheets in width 2 through 12 mm, armoured doors, bulletproof windows, shutters, cash operating units, cabins, armoured turrets, security barriers of operating areas, weapon storage rooms, hard armour plates for bulletproof vests. We also fit out shooting ranges as required according to all the applicable standards of safe operation.