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1.1. An armoured turret, bullet-proof class 5, (GOST R 51112-97) is elaborated for protection of guarded objects and is designed to be installed in facilities of the Ministry of Nuclear Industry, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. An armoured turret is designed to be utilized in all climatic zones.  

    1.2. It is a welded metal structure shaped as a truncated hexahedron with width across corners 2355 mm, height 2000 mm. It has a 730x1200 mm door, and each plane of the cabin has a 500x200 mm viewing port at 1385 mm from the ground and a 180x100 mm gun-port at 965 mm from the ground. An air vent duct and transportation ram screws are installed on the roof. 

    1.3. The walls, the roof, the door and the gun-port hatches are made from heat-treated steel sheets of bullet-proof class 5 (GOST R 51112-97).

    1.4. The viewing ports have bullet-proof glass of class 5.

    1.5. The structure of the armoured turret secures a guard from small arms defeat and grenade debris, and the windows and gun-ports placed along the perimeter allow for all-round view and return fire, eliminating all blind areas. 

    1.6. The front door is opened outwards, has a lock and an inside locking device.

    1.7. The structure of the armoured turret is based on the framework and modular design. Armored sheets are assembled through welding.

    1.8. The top and the walls of the cabin are paneled with antiricochet wooden cover in thickness 50 mm. Wooden items are treated with biological flame retardant and painted grey. 


1.9. Camouflage outside painting is applied in two layers with enamel PF115 (moss green, brown and grey, warm grey) after sand blasting and priming. 

1.10. Inside there is an exhauster fan, a ceiling lamp, two electric switches,  a switchboard with an incoming switch and a protection tripping unit. The project provides for supply of the unit as a complete factory package.








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