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Бронирование кабин охраны

Armoured guard cabins are installed at the entrance to the secured area of residential or office blocks, banks, production sites, car parks, private houses. At ARMO-AVTO, you can order various types of armoured security cabins depending on the conditions of installation and requirements to bulletproof performance class. We can make an economical modification of a cabin with no floor and ceiling to be used in heated spaces with a secure floor and ceiling. For outdoor usage, we make warm heated armoured cabins, where comfort temperature is maintained at any season. A guard cabin can be equipped with a traversing chute, if necessary. Metal panels, walls and windows of an armoured guard cabin possess the class of protection and bulletproof performance according to GOST, which might be selected by a customer. 


An externally mounted guard cabin is a three-dimensional prefabricated welded autostable metal structure installed indoors and having due equipment. External guard cabins protect life of security officers, if attacked, and enable them to return fire. 


In order to maintain the given level of comfort and ergonomic effectiveness, up-to-date effective thermal insulating materials are used in external cabins. They possess an increased moisture resistance and maintain their properties even after long environmental exposure.


Order Armour Plating at ARMO

We offer our customers armoured steel sheets in width 2 through 12 mm, armoured doors, bulletproof windows, shutters, cash operating units, cabins, armoured turrets, security barriers of operating areas, weapon storage rooms, hard armour plates for bulletproof vests. We also fit out shooting ranges as required according to all the applicable standards of safe operation.