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Бронированные двери

Our company manufactures armoured doors meeting the strict requirements   and fully complying with the generally accepted standards of quality. We set up production of armoured doors from 1 to 6 class of bulletproof performance according to GOST R 51112-97. We also manufacture doors for weapon storage and weapon cleaning rooms. Such models are additionally equipped with a lattice door and manufactured in strict compliance with the requirements of the regulatory approval system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. We manufacture models for cash operating units with bullet and tamper resistance certification. Doors manufactured in our company can be installed in premises designed for storage of controlled addictive and psychotropic drugs.


Anti-theft pins, special tamper-proof hinges, rib stiffeners of the frame, protection of a key-hole with an armoured shutter, strengthened locks – all these structural special features in combination with the bullet-proof front sheet make our doors almost invulnerable to mechanical opening without special equipment and to attempts to shoot through the lock. The doorframe is filled with mineral or basalt wool, which essentially enhances thermal and sound insulating properties of the article as well as its fire resistance. Rubber gasket applied on the surfaces of the rabbet ledge along with the door-check with the required closing force provides for easy use and high sealing of the doorway. Armoured door trims along the perimeter of the doorway prevent any shooting through the joint of the frame and the doorway.


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We offer our customers armoured steel sheets in width 2 through 12 mm, armoured doors, bulletproof windows, shutters, cash operating units, cabins, armoured turrets, security barriers of operating areas, weapon storage rooms, hard armour plates for bulletproof vests. We also fit out shooting ranges as required according to all the applicable standards of safe operation.