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Производство бронелиста

We have highly professional staff in the field of armouring of domestically manufactured and imported vehicles. Our specialists successfully solve the tasks of manufacture of both economy-class armoured cars for cash collection and delivery and of high priced executive VIP armoured cars. In the course of negotiating the configuration of an armoured car, a customer’s requirements to extra equipment (satellite-aided alarm system, auxiliary starting preheaters and main heaters, a permanently installed safe box, etc.) are always taken into consideration. The competitiveness of our price quotation is based on the possibility to manufacture our own armour plates and to minimize cost of production. 


The most essential element of any bulletproof structure (whether it is a permanently installed facility or an armoured vehicle) is material capable of resisting bullet effects, absorbing striking power without losing integrity and forming fragmentation from backside at the boundary of the protected area. The most widely-spread material in this field is armour plate manufactured from special steel hardened by heat treatment, which provides mechanical properties necessary for bulletproof performance. ARMO-AVTO has its own production for hardening of initial hot-rolled steel sheets and plates. Special heat-treatment machinery and highly-qualified engineering and operating staff allows for guaranteeing high consistency of performance of the manufactured armour plate. It is tested with actual shooting tests held on the samples cut off from commercial plates. Tests are held in compliance with the required regulatory documents at the specialized testing laboratories by special techniques. 


Our company supplies armour plates of various thickness (depending on the class of protection requested by a customer) and dimensions (by prior agreement). Standard dimensions are 1250×2250 mm. Laser cutting of armour plates and sheets is possible (by prior agreement with a customer).

Class of Protection, GOSTR 51112-97

thickness (mm)

Steel Grade

2 (the second)



3 (the third)



5 (the fifth)



5А (the fifth А)

8.0 and over



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We offer our customers armoured steel sheets in width 2 through 12 mm, armoured doors, bulletproof windows, shutters, cash operating units, cabins, armoured turrets, security barriers of operating areas, weapon storage rooms, hard armour plates for bulletproof vests. We also fit out shooting ranges as required according to all the applicable standards of safe operation.